December 15, 2014

What if... Just Breath

What if.... What if it were so simple to change things in your life? What if you could ask yourself any questions and get the answers, freeing up your experience? What if you have all the answers inside of you? What if you are only led to other people's information because you are not yet ready to find the answers for yourself?

How can you get in touch with these answers? It's surprisingly simple. One key ingredient is breath.

Taking deep, deep breaths. Filling up the lungs from the bottom all the way to the top and then expressing the air from the bottom and squeezing out the air from the top. Do this for 3 or 4 times and then continue to breath deeply but now let thoughts and feelings surface. Sometimes they can just easily be expelled on the breath. Sometimes you can suggest to yourself that it be set aside so that you can write about it. Keep doing this until you feel very relaxed and peaceful. Let go or set aside.

Now that you are relaxed and peaceful it is time to write. You have two main choices here. We don't want to allow the conscious mind to prevent this information from coming out of you so we write in a way that is fast.

Choice 1: For me I can type really well so I type with my eyes closed. Oh yeah my screen can look quite pretty, especially when I am off the keys. It looks like this. Jrtr od smf rc[s,;r pg jpe o ;ppld ejrm zo s, pgg yjr lrudz fprd oy eptl gpt upiz This funky typing is ok and doesn't need to be fixed if you are just expelling the garbage inside. It doesn't work so well when you are writing things out want to keep. I try not to backspace or correct as I'm going as this just stops the flow of the heart and let's that conscious side in.

Choice 2: The other method we have is hand writing. There is something therapeutic about writing coming through the hands in this method. I think it's a great way to purge out stuff. Please feel free to use this method, especially as you are beginning.

One of the keys to this kind of thing is speed. The faster you can get it out the more likely it is from the spirit and heart. Don't reread, try not to correct anything as you write. If it is important to keep writing in that flow. You can correct it after you are done.

Now here are some questions you can ask. Once you ask just allow the answers to come out. Don't sensor yourself. You may be surprised at what comes out.

How can I? You can continue to ask by adding a specific. How can I clear this issue with money?

What do I feel? This is a good general purge because you don't have to specify and you can let go of anything that is in your system.

What if... insert events or situations. Example: What if I was given a million dollars today?

These of course are just a few of the things you can ask. You can ask any questions. If you find you have a suggestion from a book or video to take a minute and write out answers to questions use their questions and this breathing technique.

Now here is some of the benefit. As many of you know people suggest writing all the time. Write out your money story is a frequent suggestion. I've tried this so many times over the years. I might get 5 minutes worth of stuff and it's all surface, all conscious thoughts I was already aware of. I knew I was not getting the real stuff and it frustrated. So when I learned how to write from such a relaxed place I decided to try my money story. If I got stuck I would breath and release the blockages and then keep writing; 45 minutes later I had it out. Well at least on the two questions I was asking myself.

What did I do after the purge of my money story? I wrote. I wrote a new money story. I allowed a positive flow of whatever came to flow out of me. I wrote and I wrote. I saved that story and deleted the old money story.

Here's a thing about writing this way. I don't always know what I wrote. I may have tidbits in my conscious mind. People rave about some of what I write and I am thinking, “I wonder what I said.” Now I sometimes have edited enough to know. I also have had things come out of me that were such a surprise that I remember. Don't worry if you can't remember.

If you are saving it, especially to share with others please be careful while editing. Edit in the relaxed state. It will allow that conscious part of you to edit what the spirit has to say, without the overcritical norms. If you don't edit while in this same relaxed state you will have a disconnect. This disconnect includes the connection anyone could have with what you have had to say.

I learned these writing basics, that I tweaked, from Tom Bird. (Not an affiliate link.) He has a free 'cd' for download that has a guide to getting in the relaxed state and a subliminal track. I listen to them while I write. If you have any desire to be an author check out his stuff. If you have a desire to just purge out your 'bad' stuff you may still want his subliminal track to listen while you write. It's not necessary as you have all the power within.

Good luck with your purging and writing. If you do this enough and get your own answers enough you will find that you resonate with fewer people in the self-help industry. You will find yourself drawn to people that write and produce from this state. If you are no longer in alignment with my words that's ok because I know this is how life works. We move in and out of alignment with our 'mentors'. Our spirit guiding us to who is best for us in this moment.

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With thanks, in love and light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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