January 26, 2015

Creating Balance with Trello

This has been a really hard couple of weeks. I have been struggling with finding balance. It is one of my three themes this year. I was struggling with the idea of picking one word to represent this year. I couldn't. I wanted balance and health. Then someone said pick three, it rang well in my being and so I did.

I am continuing the theme of Love. It is the essence of who we are so I will continue that theme for the rest of my life.

I am also focusing on health. One goal a month and others as they feel inspired. January has been no soda pop. I've been doing it. I have worked through cravings. I have had times when I felt like that soda would be so helpful in stress. I worked through. I hope to carry this one on for the rest of my life.

The last subject is balance. I have been struggling. How do I balance my spiritual studies, taking care of self, my social life (aka my obtaining an eternal sweetheart), my homeschool and other activities with children, my writing and my other business desires. How do I do it all? They are all super important to me. This is still something I am working on.

One of My Trello Board
One thing that is helping is Trello. I was so blessed to find this. I had been writing things down in a notebook., a page for each section of my life to jot down notes as I thought of them. This gets challenging, flipping through the pages and then if I write sloppy it bugs me, or if I cross something off because it's done. Then it looks messy and I don't want to look at it.

When I saw what Trello could do I was immediately on board. I joined as soon as I knew it was free. There are a few perks, like pictures for backgrounds, in the paid version. In fact, if you join through my link I'll get a free month of those extra perks. The most important things are all free!

I can use each board like I do a page in the notebook. It always stays looking neat! I have the app on my phone. I made a "brain dump" list that I can quickly insert thoughts as they come. If you see me with my phone out at church, I'm probably adding an idea to my list. :) Later when I am at the computer I can sort them to where they belong.

I'm loving this sense of organizing. It works a lot like my brain does. I can make to-do lists. I saw an example of how to make a template that you can just copy. The example I saw did hers as a weekly thing. Then the checklist and other details don't have to be remade. I did mine for daily. The little things I do daily, (scriptures, exercise, etc) that I like to check off are there, and then I have a priority 3 list. Sometimes I put 4. :)

I have a board for each business I work at and then a list for each aspect. I have a board that has 3 lists. This is my bucket list board. It has a list each for Be, Do and Have. It's really fun to add to this! I have a board for my health. When I get married I will likely make a board for planning that wedding.

It was a true blessing and answer to my prayers to find Trello.

Next, I'm learning how to get my writing and scriptures in before I start the day. Both are so important to me. I have found if I don't do them in the morning, I don't do them at all. I can do this!

My tips for anything, but especially for being organized.

1. Pray for guidance.
2. Take it one aspect or step at a time.
3. Be patient and forgiving with yourself.

You don't have to be perfect in this yet!

In love and light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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  1. Very interesting. I believe that one of the most important things we are to learn in this life is to balance our lives. And it can be one of the hardest! I will have to look up that Trello tool and try it! I am easily distracted by all of life's pressures, so it might be a big help! I too had a goal of giving up soda, with some success but not total success. Soda does nothing good to the body long-term. You are an inspiration! Thank you!