January 12, 2015

Getting Clear

Clarity. Sometimes we think we are clear. Sometimes we are right but often we are wrong. We don't realize how unclear we were until we get another dose of clarity. :)

I have been going through a few months of personal up-leveling. I have taken myself through some mighty changes in the last few months. I've worked on it for years and have finally had staying results. I have had times that have been quite productive and others that I have wondered why I kept going. Recently, the changes have felt so different. They have felt solid and sure. I've felt them coming for a while now. It was like the key was just around the corner. Well, now it is here. I am feeling amazing. I'm happier than I ever remember being.

Along with this, has come some new awareness and levels of clarity. Two big ones that I can see in my life. Maybe they came as a result of inner clarity.

Getting Clear intuitive drawing
The first one is from this; I read the other day about deciding if you have a business or a hobby business. Well, I didn't want to be a full-time business owner. I really love being a homeschool mom and that is my biggest time consumer. I also didn't want to have a hobby business. The pull within me, to find the right place for me and my talents, is to great to call a hobby.

It really hit home, I was the only one that could decide and become clear on it. Until I was clear, the energy of my business was just as confused as me. I chose to be clear. My new business statement is, “I am a part-time business owner with full-time business benefits.” It feels good to call myself a part-time business owner. It isn't a hobby and it isn't a full-time thing. I have a lot going on in my life. This clarity is perfect for me.

The other area is my room. The thing is I have lived in the “family room”. It was designed as such by the architect and it doesn't have a door. I have whined internally and occasionally externally about this fact for a while now. With this clarity thing I realized, I get to declare what this room is. I get to claim it as my room or it will never be my room. It will always have confused energy. It can no longer be my storage-bed-office-in-the-family-room room.

I still get to have all the stuff in my room or choose to get rid of it. I have declared an office space. My children find it funny that I call it such. I have told them, "This is my office." I am declaring a section as the storage space, although things are really getting rearranged for that. I realized, the dishes, packed away while I live with my mom, need a new home. They'll trade places with the stuff under the stairs, so I am not visually reminded daily that I don't have my own home. I am also declaring a bedroom area.

There is just something so powerful in declaring these things. There is something powerful in owning my room. Sure I am a renter, for now. Sure I live in a room originally designed as a family room. For now it is my space. For now it is serving my purpose. I get to own it, declare it and live it.

Is there something in your life that is lacking clarity? A room or space, a business, or other aspects of your life? Have you relinquished ownership somewhere? Get clear, declare and own.

In love and light,

Michele Lewis

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  1. Love your story Michele! There is something almost magical about declaring an intention - once you reach that point of clarity all of the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. Congratulations!