February 02, 2015

When You Can't Focus On What You Want

Here is an excerpt from Journey to Self. This is the book I will be writing. I know there is more to the title, but it will come later. :)

"On the journey to love, or who we truly are, we must understand what is in our way. The biggest challenge that comes when we look at this is the fact that so many of us get caught up in the experience of focusing on our lack. We spend so much time looking for what is wrong we forget to feel, love and be present in the now. I ask that you be careful to focus on the positive experiences and joy as you take this journey."

After years of struggling through I finally figured something out. It wasn't something new. I had heard it many times before. Maybe you've heard it too.

Focus on what you want, who you want to be.

I had so much negative energy in my system that I couldn't focus on the things I wanted. I am not angry at myself for this. I learned recently that when our experience is constantly in a state of sadness, fear, or other negative feelings, our brains are rewired and the brain doesn't know how to feel positive.

It was very hard when people would say to just be happy. They'd even say to get out and serve and think about others as if that would instantly change the patterns and chemicals in my brain. If a person is normally happy and they hit a situation that creates depression, then yeah that can help them get out. When one is in a constant state of depression there needs to be another way out.

I found my way out through emotional and energetic healing. I went from a place of being mostly depressed and occasionally happy to now, where I am happy more often than not. I can get down, of course. I'm not cleared of all the negativity in me, yet. The difference is that I don't stay there. I start using my tools and pull myself right back up. I know what it feels like to live in a state of peace and that is what I now crave.

What tools would I suggest for this? Well, here's a little horn tooting, my free meditation is a great way to start. The subscribe link as at the end of this post to get that. It is a quick way to start or continue healing. My other meditations, TeleWorkshops, and courses will take you to an even deeper and faster whole state.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an easy method one can use, however, this one didn't work for me until I cleared some stuff with other methods. I was what is called psychologically reversed. Basically, it means I had some core beliefs that wouldn't allow me to heal with that method.

One of my favorites is The Emotion Code. Get started with the Emotion Code for free. (affiliate link) This remains one of my favorites because this is where I started to truly feel a difference in my life. I now understand that the “psychological reversal” was a part of what Dr. Brad calls the Heart Wall. One thing I love about it is if you use his system you can either go to someone else or you can learn to do the work on yourself.

After a while of using his system, I was led to add other things to the clearing system. I use this new method more than I do the Emotional Code. I do believe that the Emotion Code is a perfect program as is. My method is now a different program because I needed to go deeper. One day I will share it with the world at large. Until then, and even then, use the tools that you are led to. I don't believe in accidents. I believe that we are led to everything for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to test our discernment but often it is to guide us to healing.

A huge change for me was really getting to the bottom of my beliefs. There are so many story busters, myth busters, and belief busters out there. They are fairly similar and the whole point is to get to the bottom of what you are really experiencing. They assist you in stopping the blame game and looking inside for what is happening.

I love to use these tools to find out what I believe under all the hurt and fear, then use the different releasing tools I have to release the negative energy all around these beliefs and stories. This gets stuff cleared at a very deep level. Allowing me to step into wholeness fast.

Now that I have enough negative energy cleared, I know what it is like to feel positive, I can start to use the concept that I began with. I can focus on what I want. I have the knowledge of what feeling good feels like. I can put that feeling on what I want. As I increase my joy level it is easier to put that joy on and into what I want.

Here's the other thing that starts to happen. I once was constantly looking for what to clear. Sometimes because I was triggered and wanted to know what was causing that pain so I could move on. Sometimes because I just knew there was so much negativity inside me that I wanted it all out. Now I can set an attention to feel good. I can plan for something I want, focus there and I don't go looking for what to clear.

As I focus on what I want things will naturally come to the surfaces to be cleared. I asked to be gently shown what needs to be cleared. One experience of this was just a few weeks ago. I had more than one person flat out tell me, “You believe....” and then they proceeded to tell me what I believed, I don't remember what the belief was. The first time I heard it, I was kind of like, “Hmm Maybe.” I didn't really know if I agreed. When the second person on the same day told me the same thing I realized this was the answer to my request. I cleared the energy and feel so much better.

I guess one thing I want you to learn from this post is that it's ok if you can't find it within yourself to focus on what you want. Sometimes we are buried too deep in our stuff to do that. As you find your way out you can step into that idea and find peace in the concept. Keep at it. Keep healing. Become who you were meant to be.

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