March 16, 2015

Holy Wow, Was That a Lot of Pain!

Oh, the walls I have created in my life. What is it with this tricky energy? Silly stuff.

We are designed with amazing coping mechanisms. Things are too hard to deal with, find a solution! The problem is, they aren't always the best solutions.

Now, we get to train our energy how to cope with healthy solutions.

I just discovered within the last few weeks that I had put a wall between me and the emotions I didn't want to feel. It was a step beyond the stuffing of emotions we hear of. Not only was I “stuffing” the emotions but I was stuffing them behind the wall. I wasn't finding anything with my techniques that search for walls. Oh, maybe a few trapped energies were found when I searched for “hidden” energy but, for the most part, there was this huge wall between me and some of the greatest pain I have ever known.

I let that wall go and found some pretty intense anger. Anger is a secondary emotion, of course, and it covers the hurt. I had a huge fight with my mom. I then started expressing all of my anger at the Lord. Then I even shared with my friend about how angry I was at the Lord, finally, the anger dispelled leaving me in depression.

Why do I share this? I share this because I want you to know that you are not alone on your healing journey. It can be a painful experience as we come across some of the things that are buried in our energy. The good news is that sometimes it is easy and it can be fast.

The fight with my mom wasn't good, but the emotions are gone now. The depression ran its course and I am feeling good again. In certain areas of my life, I feel better than I have ever felt.

On the other side of pain is healing, but we cannot get there if we are unwilling to look at the pain. It doesn't mean we have to actually re-experience the pain; we just need to acknowledge that it is there. We need to be honest with ourselves as we look at what is going on.

Why are we angry? What are we afraid of? What hurt is there? Then go deeper still. What about it is scary? What about it is painful? Often we can discover our beliefs under the pain and when we know what they are, they will go away.

Under my recent pain, I was believing that everything was my fault and that I was being blamed. I was seeing fingers pointed at me, whether they were pointing or not.

It really is time for us to heal! The world is awakening. The time is now. The time to step into LOVE is now. I'm talking deep abiding self-love that opens the paths for the love of mankind. The Lord told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. How can we love our neighbors if we don't love ourselves? It's time to heal and love!

With love,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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March 09, 2015

How I Got around Tricky Energy

I have now hosted two TeleWorkshops. I am so excited about these. I test out my healing portion before each call. I found them to be extremely powerful healing opportunities.

I was surprised when I originally wrote them. For the very first one, I had no idea that we would be writing or drawing. I just followed what I felt as I wrote. Holy cow, the information that people have received from doing them.

My sweet friend shared that on this last Abundance TeleWorkshop, that she didn't have anything to clear. She just had positive words for herself and advice to be grateful and all that she desired would come. How wonderful that she could learn that she was whole in that area of her life.

My own experience has been one of greater healing. I have been seeking answers to why I still felt like my heart was in a wall but got that there was no heart wall. In this healing experience, I learned that our energy can be so tricky if it doesn't want to let go of something.

I had “no walls,” instead I found that I was in a coffin. Life and love were too painful for me. I was so focused on the negative side of the experiences. I had a belief that love hurts. How could I be love if love hurts?

Well, I was guided to find the opposites. I can tell you now that love heals, love is comfortable, and life is comfortable and easy. It is good to be alive and it is wonderful to be love.

I really do hope you invest in you. Getting the replays and joining me on next months TeleWorkshop. Sure there is a part of me that would love for you to purchase because I do have a responsibility to my family. Really though, I am telling you because I want you to have those wonderful healing experiences for yourself. I want you to hear how amazing you are from you. I want you to know what is in your way and let go of it so that you can be fully you.

Fear is not you. If you are afraid, in pain, sad, resentful, angry or any other negative emotion you can come up with, then you are not being you. You are in there. You are all things good and positive, the wonderful essence that lies beneath all of that negative. I would love to see you shine!

With love and light,

Michel Lewis
Identity Specialist

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March 02, 2015

Ask and Ye Shall Receive with Ease

Ask and ye shall receive. I have heard it all of my life. You probably have too. What does it mean to you? More importantly do you believe it?

I have been a fan of prayer for as long as I can remember. It wasn't necessarily something I grew up doing but when I did, I found the greatest blessings there. There was something in me that believed there was someone up there listening. In my darkest times, when I left all that I believed, I still prayed.

This is my way of getting the information I need, or want. I ask. I ask before I write and I ask for all of my business tasks. I ask about my family and other things.

We live in a world where it is often taught that things need to be hard and a struggle. This is not truth. It can be easy and gentle. As I have increased in my belief that I will be answered I have had so many amazing experiences.

I wanted to know what belief was causing me struggle. I asked for it to be shown me in gentle ways. Within 24 hours, I had multiple people say to me, “You are being codependent.” The first time I heard it my response was, “No, this isn't codependency. Sure I've been codependent but this problem isn't.” When I heard it again and again from different people I began to see that indeed it was.

I asked and I received with ease.

Recently, I had a pretty stressful situation going on. I wasn't able to let go of some things. It was driving me crazy. I had already cleared them, I was sure of it. Yet, the same things were showing up. I again asked to be shown in gentle and easy ways. I felt inspired to post a question to a group of friends on Facebook. From that question, someone messaged me in private and he had the answer I needed. It was easy and gentle.

I asked and I received with ease.

Sometimes the information comes straight into my conscious awareness, pure knowledge flowing in. Some call this a divine download. Other times he uses others to speak to me. Sometimes it's in a book.

Just before I wrote this, I was chatting with the Lord about whether I was neglecting my children when it comes to homeschool. I was asking for understanding of what each child needs. I asked to be taught about their love languages, their learning styles and more.

As I thought about my little girl after praying, I heard, “Teach her curiosity. Teacher her to say, “Oo how can I learn this?” or “Oo how can I do this?” The “Oo” part needs to be juicy and excited. How wonderful to teach her “How can I?” at such a young age. The possibilities are endless and when you ask and you are open to receive.

I ask and I receive. I pray and listen. I was guided to open my scriptures. I opened to a story that addressed neglect and more importantly a story where someone perceived neglect when in reality the king was not neglecting but rather busy fighting his own battles. I saw so many answers for me in this and feel peace about things with my family.  Sometimes the answer is just a reassurance that things are and will be okay.

I mentioned "How can I?" This is one of the two most powerful things I ask for. When I am in prayer and I say, “How can I?” I get the most amazing answers. Even when I am just going about my life and throughout the day, that question is powerful and I find what I need. I ask; I receive with ease.

The other things I ask is for teachings to be taught to me about whatever I want assistance or knowledge about. Sometimes teachings about my false beliefs. Sometimes teachings bout a subject. Sometimes teachings about a person. It's all there. It is taught to me, but sometimes I can't hear because of what is going on, so He sends others to break through the barrier to my understanding.

It is a beautiful thing. I dare you to try it. Ask. Ask, "How can I?" Ask for understanding. Ask, "What's another way?" Ask and you too shall receive with ease.

In love and light,

Michele Lewis

Remember you can also ask me questions. I would love to see what we receive!

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