March 09, 2015

How I Got around Tricky Energy

I have now hosted two TeleWorkshops. I am so excited about these. I test out my healing portion before each call. I found them to be extremely powerful healing opportunities.

I was surprised when I originally wrote them. For the very first one, I had no idea that we would be writing or drawing. I just followed what I felt as I wrote. Holy cow, the information that people have received from doing them.

My sweet friend shared that on this last Abundance TeleWorkshop, that she didn't have anything to clear. She just had positive words for herself and advice to be grateful and all that she desired would come. How wonderful that she could learn that she was whole in that area of her life.

My own experience has been one of greater healing. I have been seeking answers to why I still felt like my heart was in a wall but got that there was no heart wall. In this healing experience, I learned that our energy can be so tricky if it doesn't want to let go of something.

I had “no walls,” instead I found that I was in a coffin. Life and love were too painful for me. I was so focused on the negative side of the experiences. I had a belief that love hurts. How could I be love if love hurts?

Well, I was guided to find the opposites. I can tell you now that love heals, love is comfortable, and life is comfortable and easy. It is good to be alive and it is wonderful to be love.

I really do hope you invest in you. Getting the replays and joining me on next months TeleWorkshop. Sure there is a part of me that would love for you to purchase because I do have a responsibility to my family. Really though, I am telling you because I want you to have those wonderful healing experiences for yourself. I want you to hear how amazing you are from you. I want you to know what is in your way and let go of it so that you can be fully you.

Fear is not you. If you are afraid, in pain, sad, resentful, angry or any other negative emotion you can come up with, then you are not being you. You are in there. You are all things good and positive, the wonderful essence that lies beneath all of that negative. I would love to see you shine!

With love and light,

Michel Lewis
Identity Specialist

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