May 26, 2015

Polarity Reversal? Are Things Just Not Getting Better?

Last week, I wrote about the masculine and feminine energies being out of whack. This week, I will share with you about the polarity within our bodies.

When our polarities are off it is often compared to putting batteries in backwards or reversed. We just can't get a charge when this happens. For some people, they have physical things like running into walls that happen. For others, there is a major brain fog. For me, and most, there is also a sense of depression and hopelessness.

When one is reversed it can be very hard to get the energy work to work or stick. It will feel like it doesn't matter what you do, you can't get anywhere. It creates a big desire to quit. After all one of the biggest thoughts that can come when all you do isn't working is, “What is the use?” Most of us hang on for a while as we have something inside of us that keeps us moving, refusing to quit. Sometimes that will break down and quitting in any degree will and can happen.

I kept having a small thought leading to the idea of polarity reversal, but it wasn't fully forming. I was sitting with my friend and she was telling me about how she just can't clear anything since she was sick. I told her, “Your polarities are reversed.” "Hmmm," I'm thinking as the polarity thought finally had a vehicle to come through, "that must be my problem too."

See there are many reasons why our polarities can get reversed. Sometimes it is a belief at work. Sometimes these beliefs just run certain areas of our lives. So a person can have success in relationships but never lose weight. Or maybe they can have success in every part of their life except money. Others of us get general reversals, which affect every area of our life.

Other reasons that you can get reversed is dehydration, stress, a lot of negativity, getting sick and more. Now let's take those of us who have some beliefs that we have either cleared or are still working on. We could have something come in, like an illness, and it puts us down. All those beliefs we had changed, like me on worthy, are now feeling like they are back in full force. It does feel a little different but in many ways the same as when those beliefs were the thing keeping us down.

It has been since I was sick at the end of March that I just couldn't get back up! It felt like nothing I did was working. Giving up was looking better and better.

I am creating a program to “cure” chronic reversals. If you are interested in joining me on this, be sure to contact me. I did get my own energies reversed and I feel great. I have been so productive since! I really do feel great and want a way to give this to every person that I can.

Next week I will talk about situational reversals.

In love and light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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