June 30, 2015

Breathing Is Not Just About Air (part 1)

Breathing is one of my favorite tools. We use it around here on earth to stay alive. *Ü*

Besides just sustaining life, which it does great, there is so much more the breath does and can do.

Breathing deeply releases stuck energy. Breathing helps us fill up. You know how if you don't breath deeply your lung capacity shrinks? If you don't breathe deeply, you also lose some of your capacity to experience life to its fullest.

Let's take these three concepts and look at them a little bit more over the next few weeks.

Breathing deeply releases stuck energy.

When you breathe out you are breathing out bad air. The deeper you breathe the more air you can push out. This clears the way for fresh air to come in.

Automatically, by design, when we breathe deep we are allowing much of the stuff we tend to hold in to move out.

Have you ever noticed that if you take time to breathe when you are in a tense situation, that you begin to feel better? This isn't just about getting oxygen to your blood. Sure physically this is what is happening but there is so much more.

We are countering our natural desires to stuff our feelings. We tend to hold on to emotions when we don't breathe. When we remember to breathe deeply, we are helping our bodies let go of and express some of that emotion. If we add things like feeling the emotions fully, resting into what we are feeling and simply intending to release the feelings we go even further to let these go.

Let's move into how we can intend to release even more with our breath.

You can imagine the darkness, feelings or thoughts leave out with your breath. Breathe in and then imagine the negative is riding out with the outgoing breath. It's really happening not just in your imagination, that's a great thing about energy. It can be that simple.

When you have a pain somewhere in your body, you can take a breath, focus on the pain in the area and let the pain leave on the leaving breath.

Experiment with this.

Join me next week as we talk more about breathing.

In love and light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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