July 14, 2015

Breathing Is Not Just About Air (part 3)

Yay! This is my 100th blog entry!

For the last two weeks, I have been discussing breathing. Part one was about breathing out and part two was about breathing in. Today, we are going to talk about another reason breathing is so important.

We all have a spirit inside of us. This spirit, or our higher self, is pure love, pure light, pure peace, pure joy, pure perfection... Yeah, I could go on but I think you get the idea. This pure spirit wants to be in our body. The more it can be in our body the more we are on the path that we wanted to be on when we came to earth.

Our spirit cannot exist in something that doesn't vibrate in alignment with us. This means that if we are really negative, it can only be in our bodies enough to sustain our life. The more we clear the negative energy out of our bodies the more our spirit can come in. When our spirit is in we can experience joy, love, miracles, and more.

As I spoke about in the last two weeks, breathing will help our bodies get in a higher state so the spirit can be here more. As we breathe deeply, we are sending a message to the spirit. We are saying, “I am making room for you. Come on in and let's enjoy this experience.”

Our goal in life is to have a full earth experience. We came to earth to gain a mortal body. We came to learn to move it, experience it and love it. Often though, we get here and find out it's a lot heavier than we thought it would be. We have experiences that push our spirits out and then our spirit is begging us to let it back in.

As we breathe deeply we can start to hear our spirit. As we hear our spirit, even if we don't hear with our ears but through messages in Facebook memes, we are learning to do the things we need to in order to be on our happiest path.

Maybe your spirit has been begging you to drink more water. Yeah, your spirit knows exactly what you need. As you breathe deeper your spirit can guide you in how to increase your water intake. It can tell you if you are needing electrolytes in order to utilize the water you are taking in.

Maybe your spirit is wanting you to paint. Your spirit knows what brings you the most joy. What endeavors connect you to the truest you? As you breathe, you are allowing those messages to come through a little more.

Keep breathing. It's life sustaining. I'm talking living fully not just surviving. Your spirit will thank you.

In love and light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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