July 21, 2015

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

They say that life is a mirror. I know that it is true of people in our experience. I find myself around a lot happier people since I have been letting go of depression and negativity.

Did you know that the things going wrong in our world can be a mirror too? Let me tell you about my Air Conditioner.

We've lived in this house for 5 years. The first year, the AC worked great all summer long. Then it all changed.

The next year, and every year since, the AC works great in the early days of summer. It hasn't gotten too hot and we just use it for a short while to cool things down in the heat of the day. Then we get to the days that it is over 90° F—I think that's 58° C—in the morning and the AC quits. It can't stand the heat so it quits. Here we are not being able to sleep because it's so hot, going on rides in the van just for the AC. The time we need the AC the most and it quit on us.

This is how I feel. I can be so happy and hopeful while things are going fairly well. I've cleared enough energy that most of the time I am doing good. Then things get a little too hot for me. Things break or go wrong and all of the sudden I break down. When my family needs me to be calm and hopeful the most, I'm broken down and often slip to depression again.

Now that I have this awareness, I get to find out what I can do differently. I get to find out my lesson. It could be as simple as believing that I can handle it—how often I've said, “I can't handle this.” Maybe it's that last test from my energy to see if I will believe no matter what happens.

What's going wrong in your life? Is there a mirror for you? What lessons do your experiences have for you?

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