December 07, 2015


Wow, three months since I wrote. I knew it had been a bit. It's funny how life just gets you sometimes. I have found it a challenge to write without a best friend cheerleader as a constant in my life. I had that, a friend that was always asking when I'd write, letting me know he missed reading my stuff, things like that. He was also my editor. Then one day, he went off to visit the woman that is now his wife. Our relationship was turned upside down. I still hear from him on occasion. He is still missing my writing, but he isn't a constant.

How do we find our own inner cheerleader? For me, it was a little activity in priorities. I've struggled with this concept. It leads to time chunking. I haven't decided if I want to be a time chunker or not. It seems awfully restrictive for my way of being. I do like using the exercise for prioritizing.

The idea is that you are building a pyramid of sorts. Your most important things get priority, not necessarily more time in your day, but rather a make sure this gets in you day kind of thing. Each thing gets decided and then placed in a pyramid.

I've done his many times and it's always seemed to fail me. This last time, I admitted something. God isn't the #1 priority for me. Ack, am I going against everything I was taught? When I asked myself about this I heard, “Keeping myself alive is my priority, then God.”

So for me, self-care has to come first. Getting sleep, eating right, drinking water, etc. When I am not doing things like this, my life is out of harmony.  This would mean, taking a break in the middle of the day if I'm needing it. Taking time to heal as things that come up. Having a few minutes of “nothing time” each day, time where I can just be. I don't have to do anything, I can daydream, sleep, meditate or whatever. It's truly me time.

After that comes God. These are the things that I find important for creating the relationship I want with God. Scriptures, prayers, temple and church attendance meditating, etc. If I'm taking care of me and taking care of my relationship with God, I'm ready for anything. I've set an incredible foundation.

After that comes family, for me. That's why giving up homeschool isn't an option unless putting kids in public school is right for them. I have two in public and three at home right now. It's right for us, right now. The emotional health of my family is super vital to me. This is an area I get to take care of daily. The only things that come before my family are putting my air mask on (taking care of me) and God.

Now, here is what surprised me and is what gave me my inner cheerleader. What is the next priority for me? Is it money? No, but I've been obsessed with healing that lately. Is it cleaning my house? No, but wow I'd love to see that happen. What came up for me was “Write.” I have missed writing. I really have. I now see that after my family, writing is what come next for me. It is more important to me than money. It is more important to me than my house. It is vital to my existence. Now what I write, that is a different story. Getting my writings published, well that's a different cup of healing altogether. Knowing that this is so important to me, has prompted me to write again. It has encouraged me to be my own cheerleader.

After writing comes home care. This is where getting my house clean comes in. Having my house in order is more important to me than business. It is what it is. This doesn't mean I don't have time for business. It means I won't be happy doing business things if I am neglecting my home. 15 minutes to an hour a day could satisfy my home care needs enough to allow me to feel fulfilled in this area.

The concept within this pyramid of priorities asks you to keep your things to 6 levels. My final level is a tie. Hobbies and business. In fact, some of y hobbies probably go in self-care. It helps keep me going by relaxing me and spurring creative flow. Some of my hobbies could be turned into money so in some ways it could be money.

Truth is, my business is important to me. Providing for my family is vital to me, which is why I will often put it first in my healing processes. The obsession to heal money has actually been put as a priority before some of the other things and this has thrown my life off balance and out of harmony.

Is there something in your life that is being put ahead of its place? Are you  neglecting an area of life that internally is a priority for you? Take time to find out what things are most important to you. Are you saying God is most important in your life, and yet you never nurture the relationship with him? Put a few minutes in each day to address that or whatever is being neglected.

You can do this. You can decide what your priorities are and then the ways to move forward. Become clear.

With love and light,


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