March 10, 2017

More Powerful Word Intention

Dear Friends,

Last time, I wrote about a word for the year. I want to tell you about how I have been taking that a step further. Okay, maybe a few steps. Hehe

One step is by learning the definitions of the words I choose. I study them in scriptures and secular writing. I ponder them and really get to know what a word means to me.

The other step is the real intent of this blog post. I choose words for each month, each week and often each day. For the month of January 2017, I chose the word "Order." It's amazing how easy it was to get things in order.
This wasn't always the case when I choose a word. Sometimes, I had a lot of stuff come up, things that are in the way of me experiencing the word.

For example, if I choose the word patience, instead of being patient that week, I may find that everything that can and will try my patience is coming up for me. I'm giving myself an opportunity to heal and truly learn patience. If I can take a few minutes to get clear on my beliefs around the word patience, I will have a much better time. My new book gives some ideas on how I deal with the things that come up for me. You can pre-order here!

Usually, my words of the month move along with ease. Toward the end of last year, I decided to question my belief that a word of the week made the week go crazy. It was only the word of the week that did this, month and year were empowering. I changed my belief to be that of choosing the word means that is what I will experience. That I will be in peace, vs experiencing all the things that keep me from peace. It's been a huge change for me. I am so loving it.

I don't always get a word for the day. I ask myself each morning, “What is my word for the day?” Whatever first comes to mind is my word. Sometimes it will be the same word more than one day in a row. Sometimes I will receive the idea, “No word for today.” That's okay, I just go with it.

It's also a fun idea to set an intention word for an event. Some facilitators will walk you through a process to do this. I have found that if I set a word before I listen to a webinar or other recording, I will also glean so much more. For one such recording, I set the word “learn.” I can't tell you how much I learned. It was so much more than any other webinar. I think we're telling our mind what to look for so my mind was keeping alert for learning opportunities.

My hope, as always is that you can find something to inspire you. May you have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Michele Lewis

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