January 22, 2018

Money, Money, Money

Let's talk about money. For some of you, this will be a subject that instantly causes you to shrink or shut down. Notice this and then choose to stay open. There just might be something for you to learn today.

I have had many struggles in my life. I have had times when things just worked perfectly and times when things seemed to be the worst when it came to money. Before I got married, I wanted so badly to have my car loan paid in full. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me do that. I worked the summer between semesters and I don't know how each of my paychecks worked but I managed to get that thing paid all off and I still had a bit of fun money that summer.

That was one of those times when things were just amazing with money. I paid it off towards the end of August and met my former husband in September. I got my wish to pay off my car loan before I got married. Why then, does it not always work this way? Why do I have student loans and other debts piling up around me?

I'm sure a lot of it is a matter of commitment and inspiration. I had a pretty big motivator. I didn't want to take that debt into marriage and I really wanted to get married. This made me pretty committed. There are other times when I feel pretty committed and it doesn't happen. What is up with that?

This has to do with my relationship with money. On the surface, it seems that I love money. It's exciting to get cash. It's fun to know I have a few money friends in my wallet. It's fun when someone pays me for my services. So, don't I have a great relationship with money?

I had a huge aha the other day. Do you want to know how you feel about money? In order to really know, you get to look at how you feel about money in all of its forms. We know that money can come in the form of cash, a check someone sent you, electronic funds, etc. Did you know that another form of money looks like bills, debt, and other ways we pay money out?

This was huge for me. How do I feel about my bills? Do I feel giddy and excited like I do when I receive money? Am I excited to be paying the people I owe?

If you really want to know how you feel about money, take a look at how you feel about sending it out. Look at how you feel when you receive a bill. Look at how you feel when you look at how much debt you have.

This is just one tool you can easily do with yourself to see how you feel about money. I have some other techniques and tools to change how you feel. When you change how you feel about money, you can start experiencing more of it in your life. If you are interested in working with me to discover and change how you feel about money, send me an email and we'll chat. micheleinharmony@gmail.com

Let me know what you discovered about money by leaving a comment below. Was this idea that debt is a form of money a new idea? How does it change your perspective?

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