January 15, 2018

That Pivotal Change

Last week, with the help of my awesome Mentor, Stephen Saunders, I went deep into some beliefs. He helped me heal a stack of beliefs. This is a fun process for those of us who want to go deep. We start with one belief, let that one move to another, and then into another. I have heard of people going seven layers deep. For myself, I tend to go deep naturally so going three layers was actually super deep.

I was surprised at how things have gone and I'm super excited about the results.

For years, I have been doing one kind of belief work or another. I have had some pretty life-altering changes. I also had this idea that the belief that replaced the limiting one had to be an opposite. I learned last week that it doesn't really have to look like that. It's what your soul needs to believe that is important.

Stephen was able to guide me in finding some interesting alternatives. These were things that I would have never found on my own. For instance, the deepest belief was 'I am a failure.' Not a surprising belief. I've been attempting to heal that one for a long time. What surprised me is that the replacing belief, the thing that I really needed to believe about myself was “You are worth it.” With that belief now instilled deep in my soul, things could change. In some ways, it doesn't even seem related to failure and yet in others, I can see the connection.

The belief that was not quite as deep as that one was this idea that I would get in trouble if I did things wrong. This was super impactful in my life. In fact, when I was 19, I got pregnant out of wedlock. I then attracted punishment into my life in many ways, especially financial. After all, I had screwed up pretty bad and needed to be punished. It didn't matter that God had forgiven me; I still had this deep idea that I needed to be punished. In fact, this affected my ability to forgive others as well. They did wrong to me, they need to be punished and I was going to make sure it happened.

Without failure, when I went back into the belief believing “you are worth it” I was able to do a lot of healing. I came away with a few majorly beneficial things. One “you've got this.” Do you know how incredibly empowering it is to have this be a core belief for you? You don't need to hear it from others because it is just a truth you know inside. How can you screw up if you've got it? Even if I did, I also came away with “every experience is for learning and growth.” This, of course, is not a new concept but there's a difference between knowing something in your mind and knowing it in your core. I now know this in my core. The one last thing I got from this experience was a new belief that I am bigger than the problem.

Now, I was moving into the original belief armed with 4 new truths being a part of me. “You're worth it,” “You've got this,” “Every experience is for learning and growth,” and “I'm bigger than the problem.” The original belief had no power left. I had no need to control the situation, I had no fear that people were going to mess things up and even if they did, it's totally okay because that's just the ebb and flow of life. Growing up a perfectionist, this was a pretty powerful change. I also didn't need to get mad and punish others because they didn't do something right, after all, they're growing too.

But this life isn't just about what you believe. It's about the actions that go with it. For years, I have waited for that one belief that would really change everything. I mean there are some pretty powerful changes I have had, but often I was frustrated. My thoughts went like this, “This is all fine and dandy that I am happier. It's great that I've overcome 90% of my depression. It's all fine and dandy that I rarely stay upset for very long anymore, if I even get upset. What good does it do if the experiences of my life aren't changing? Only people who have known me for a long time even know that my life has changed because they can tell I'm happier. Yet, is being happier enough? They can't see the money, they don't see a thin body, they don't see a clean house, etc.”

As you can tell, that's not super powerful energy. I love that I'm happier, but seriously, this week is what it's all about. I'm blasting through a house cleaning project that I've been tinkering with for a long time. I have wanted to do this but felt like I hit a brick wall, a huge one. This week, I have had to tell myself it is okay to stop for the day. I'm so excited about getting it done that quitting for the day is where my challenge lies now. I'm getting so much done and I feel like it's hardly taking any time to get it done. I don't have any need to force myself because I just know it's easy peasy and I'm bigger than the project. It's even fun!

More than that has been some other commitments. I committed to writing. I find that the voice in my head that says, “You said you wanted to do this” is so hard to ignore now. I'm not afraid of failing because I know that no matter what I do, it's worth it and I've got it. It's incredible. I heard people talk about this feeling, but wow to experience it... This is what it's about.

Change a core belief that so many others hinge on and see your life show up in a completely different way. You can do it too. I know you're worth it and you've got this!

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