February 12, 2018

Big Breakthroughs, Big Life

Big fears. Big beliefs. These are the things that lie at the core of our being. The deepest limiting energy we carry around with us. Sometimes we carry these from before we were even born. Some come through our ancestry, some through our pre-mortal experiences, and some we gain at very young ages. No matter when they came, it's time to let them go. It really is possible.

If you are familiar with belief work, you might have noticed, as I did that many of our beliefs seem to be interconnected. For me, there was a lot of concern about being excluded, rejected, or abandoned. There was a fear to be seen because someone might find out there was something wrong with me. There was a great desire to be seen and to belong, and yet fear of both. I even needed to know I was lovable.

When you see a repeat pattern it can give you a clue to the deep underlying issue. The belief that is below a lot of them. If you can go deep enough to get that bottom core belief, you'll have changes like you couldn't believe possible. You'll notice how they created every other belief you had about yourself.

For me, abandonment was one that I had to address with God himself. I can't remember the exact word that changed it for me but I do remember the change was more powerful than anything I had felt up until that moment. Knowing God is with me, allowed me to be okay with anyone else flowing in and out of my life. The sense of abandonment went away. I still feared I'd abandon others but I had only an intellectual remembrance of feeling abandonment. Yet, this was not my deepest belief.

Another belief was about a fear that I would become a “Son of Perdition.” This is the evilest of the evilest. They are as evil as the devil himself. I discovered that I believed I needed this belief to keep me on the path to God. I was convinced that if I feared evil, I wouldn't become evil. I discovered that without this fear, love keeps me on the path better than anything ever did before. Not only that, but I have a lot less fear of evil in general. This was incredibly life-changing and yet, this was not my deepest belief.

Recently, I discovered another one of these life-altering beliefs. Maybe even my deepest. Remember how I said that I wanted to be seen but feared it? I was convinced people would see what was wrong with me? I had a belief I was broken, although I didn't know it at the time. This created the idea that if people saw me, they'd think I was a fraud. I believed they'd look through all of the stuff I said and think, “How on earth can you teach me anything? Look at how broken you are.”

More than just this thinking, I also learned that because I was broken, I didn't belong. I didn't fit in. I wasn't needed in this world. In fact, that God made a mistake. I was constantly looking for how I fit in. I was obsessed with all of the personality programs and systems because I needed to know that I had a place that I belonged in. That I had an explanation as to why I would be so different than many of the people I associated with.

Who knew that believing I was broken could affect so much of my life. I can even see how it created the beliefs above. "I'm broken so God abandoned me." "I'm broken so I need a fear to keep me on the straight path."

I wish I could share how it feels. I wish you could tap into how I felt before and how I feel now. I wish you could experience the difference. If you could feel that, you'd know that it is possible. It is possible to experience a powerful change. To let go of fear and heaviness and feel light and joy. Now that I know I belong, I know that I am needed. I can stake my claim in this world versus apologizing for existing.

I'd love to help you get one of these powerful breakthroughs. I want to help you get some deep, powerful healing, eventually the very deepest, so that you can step fully into who you are on a soul level. I want to hear your message, see you live your purpose, and experience your light.

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