About Us

My name is Michele Lewis. I consider myself a powerful intuitive and master creator. I use my intuition and soul connection to create my life.

I chose the name of my business because as I was running through options, the sensation that came with “Heart-n-Spirit” was incredible. I had the same feeling when I coined the title “Identity Specialist.” It's taken me a long time to fully understand the significance of these names.

I often say “us” on this site, although at the moment, it's just me here. Really, it's not just me. There's my conscious me, my subconscious me, all those inner children looking for love and validation, as well as my soul and my Celestial Team. I consider Christ to be my CEO. I am the head creator. I've also got a powerful team of angels to support me in all that I do.

On the retreat end of my business, I bring in many amazing souls to create powerful experiences for you. I listen to inspiration as I pull together seasoned presenters as well as a few new presenters who are stepping into their calling to speak. As I turn the reigns over to my Celestial Team, these retreats come together in perfect order for just the right experiences for you.

The Heart of my business is about finding and loving ourselves. The Spirit is about flying once we do. When we uncover the truth inside us, release the muck, and claim our truth, our ability to manifest is incredible. With the right tools and this embracing of truth, we can do absolutely anything we desire.

In my personal life, I'm a mother of six, I have a beautiful daughter-in-love and a grandbaby on the way. Five of my children are still living at home. I'm doing my best to raise children who know not only who they are but also how important they are. We currently have a mix of homeschool and public school. Both ways are adventures in their own right.

If I could leave you with any thought, if I could have that thought go deep into your being, it would be “You are worth it. You are needed. You belong. We're waiting to see you shine.

With all my love,

Michele Lewis

Identity Specialist

Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!