About Michele

My name is Michele Lewis. I am a mother of six. I am super blessed to also have a beautiful daughter-in-love. I get to homeschool some of my children and send others to public school, as feels right for them.

I am an incredible intuitive. One of my greatest passions is to inspire. I love to get inspired. I love to inspire myself. I love to inspire others. It is truly a gift to see people just get things that I share. The awareness and ahas they have just bring such joy to my soul.

I love to study many different solutions and then find out what is right for me. In doing so, I will often share those insights with others. I want each person to find the solutions that are right for them and if I can help them get there, that's pretty exciting.

I truly love to write. I love writing here, I love writing books, I love writing e-courses and the like. I find it a great medium for inspiration. I enjoy writing fiction of various sorts as well. Just as my interests in life are varied, so are my writing styles. I write for children, young adults, and adults in a variety of ways.

One thing that I have created is a beautiful book to share one of my most powerful healing techniques. It's one that was Divinely given through me. These are powerful healing statements that can be used anywhere in our lives to heal the disconnections you have between you and your soul. Don't let those negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings and such stand in your way of being great and living the life you want!

I believe that many of the "truths" we believe are so multidimensional that there can be a truth that seems to be the opposite of another truth. I don't think they are opposites so much as just different aspects of a greater whole we may not be able to comprehend on earth. One of these is "how we do one thing, we do all things." This can be true and it can be false. Another is that "we create our reality" which I find to be very true and yet there are powers outside of us that can be creating a challenge for us. We get back our power when we address these energies head on, both from inside and outside.

This brings me to home healing. I have enjoyed the study of our homes from a physical standpoint, an energetic standpoint, and combinations. I believe we can use our homes to help us create peace in our lives by finding the space that represents our challenges. Sometimes looking at that outside representation can allow us to see a truth we otherwise hide from ourselves. I really do love doing energy work on our homes.

I believe in Christ. He does show up in my healing work. He shows up in much of my writing. I understand that not everyone believes in Him or the same way I do and that's okay. We each have to make our own choices through this life journey. It is important that you understand that He is a big part of my life. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We're also known as Mormons. If you want to learn more, go to www.mormon.org.

Thanks so much for being here! And big hugs!

Michele Lewis

Soul Guide 
& Home Healer